Entry Doors

You finally said: “Enough is enough! I’m tired of drafts, poor looks, and difficulty to lock my old door”. When this is all said it is time to choose the right entry door product. When it comes to entry doors, it is a wise decision to choose quality over low price. While low price may be attractive because it’s low, once the problems with such door occur, you will sure forget the low price and will be haunted by problems with the door. We recommend that you choose a professional grade product that will be professionally installed by a door or window company that specializes in doors and windows. If you live in Connecticut, you will have no problem to find a reputable company that offers quality products and backs them with great long guarantees. As far as recommended door product is concerned, we recommend buying professional grade fiberglass entry doors customized to your specific home. Although, you may find a cheaper door at the local big box retailer, these doors usually are the stocked doors that quite often require complicated carpentry work that can compromise the final effect of your entry door installation. As for the type of material, your choice really comes down to three materials: wood, steel, fiberglass. Wood is the most the most expensive but it will give you a true wood look. The downsize, however, is that wood is not a good insulator and requires complicated maintenance: sanding, scraping, staining or painting – so in the long-run such door will cost you even more. Steel is the least expensive of the three but it dings easily and after years of use may corrode. Plus, metal is a conductive material – this alone may compromise the energy efficiency. Finally, we find the third material – fiberglass to be best material for the replacement of your entrance door. The reasons are simple: fiberglass is about five times as energy efficient as wood, looks like real wood, and is very durable and virtually maintenance free. We recommend that you choose fiberglass that was factory finished (either stained or painted) and comes with the finish warranty. In Connecticut, most of older homes have drafty windows and doors. In these economic times when energy costs are skyrocketing each year, it may make economical sense to replace both windows and doors.