Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is still number one in Connecticut and in the United States when it comes to the most popular material choice in the production of replacement windows. Replacement window cost ct This choice is also reflected in the leading preference of Connecticut homeowners who value vinyl’s durability, energy efficiency, cost as well as its viability for production variety of window styles, shapes, sizes and colors. Many different studies have shown vinyl windows’ increasing market share year after year after year. One of the studies done by The Fredonia Group in 2007 says that, what they call “prime residential window demand in millions of units” in 2005 was 42 for vinyl, 20.2 and only 9.0 for aluminum windows. Moreover, the gap between leading material of choice – vinyl, and other materials such as wood and aluminum, has been only widening and is projected to increase for vinyl from 42 millions of units produced in 2005 to 60.9 millions of windows in 2015. Replace or not to replace? This is the question that great many homeowners are face with before winter. Please remember that, if quality windows are chosen and are installed correctly, they can save energy and lower your energy bills and keep you comfortable year-round. Plus, new windows that complement the style of your home may increase the value of your home. Replacement window cost ct – According to some sources average American household can recoup anywhere between 61 and 91% of the cost of the vinyl windows when they sell they house. If we add to this recovered number the dollar amount saved in energy bills and increased quality of life, then the answer is pretty obvious. Replacement windows do save energy, keep you more comfortable in the winter and summer, add to the market value of your home and make your home look a lot better.